Over 80% of our kitchen’s ingredients are Thai.

We painstakingly source ourproduce from artisan suppliers for a number of reasons.

Firstly, to support our farming and fishing communities,
 secondly to contribute in our small way to reduce the huge carbon footprint
 resulting from importing foods, but most importantly,
because they are just so fresh, they sing, each item truly tasting of what it is meant to taste like.

Our kitchen uses Thailand OTOPs products & ingredients,
natural sugar, fleur de sel and spices & herbs grown across Thailand’s diverse landscape.

Chef Dan’s intriguing menus shine a spotlight on quality local ingredients,
showcasing his ability to create sensationally flavourful culinary dishes utilizing stunningly fresh produce.

Environmental Responsibilities

We are committed to environmental sustainability, both in and out of the kitchen.
We practice waste management with all edible kitchen waste composted for ourvegetable garden.
Other waste is collected by eco recycling, to ensure itsproper disposal.
At Redbox, we have embraced energy reducing solar panels and low wattagelight bulbs.

Local Business Development

We follow a people philosophy to hire on the basis of attitude,
social skills andwillingness to learn,
often supporting the less fortunate in our community.
Wecarefully combine this approach with select experienced professionals to
ensure those we hire have an opportunity to learn and grow.